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Task Force dislodges traders from Romoukoro fruit market

Romoukoro Fruit Market

Hundreds of traders in Romoukoro Fruit Market in Rivers state, have been left stranded after being dislodged by the state Task Force operatives on Friday 25 February, 2022.

The dislodged traders, amongst others, lamented how the Task Force operatives damaged their goods, stores, and other properties, in what they described as unfair clampdown. Eyewitnesses, who recounted the incident to N-Press Port Harcourt, revealed that before the clampdown, the Task Force had sent a warning to the traders not to cross an electricity pole in a section of the market.

Aside from the warning against crossing the poll, the Task Force also prohibited the traders in the market from carrying out their businesses on the roadsides. But the traders, according to those familiar with the matter, acted contrary to the warnings, which was said to have triggered the clampdown.

“They came and destroyed, seized, and rubbish their goods on the ground. You will feel pity for these traders seeing goods like -pepper, tomatoes and other perishable items wasting,” an eyewitness stated.

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One of the dislodged traders, who spoke on a condition of anonymity, told our correspondent that the Task Force operatives only went ahead with the clampdown because they were unable to secure bribes from them (the traders).

“This clampdown is uncalled for and totally unbelievable because some of us did not cross the electricity poll we were warned against,” she added.

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