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Okubie installed as head of Dokube Royal War Canoe House in Rivers community

In accordance with the tradition of Kirike Kingdom, King T.E.O. Ogube has conferred and presented a certificate of recognition to Godknows Okubie Tam-George Dokube VII as the head of Dokube Royal War Canoe House in Kirike Kingdom and his formal admittance into the Kirike Divisional Council of Chiefs as a Don Chief in the Kingdom.

King Ogube explained that Chieftaincy installation in Kirike Kingdom is always unique and colourful as it showcases the ethos and rich Cultural heritage of the people.

The royal father advised odknows Okubie Tam- George Dokube VII to always and at all times, uphold the Tradition, Custom and Norm of Kirike Kingdom as enshrined in the tenet and Creed of Kirike Divisional Council of Chiefs.

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The monarch tasked Tam-George Dokube to always stand firm and resolute in discharging his duties and ensure that every one in Dokube Royal War Canoe House is carried along in the scheme of things as this will help bring about peace, unity and stability to the War Canoe House and indeed Kirike Kingdom.

The Amayanabo of Kirike stated that as King, one of his statutory responsibilities is to install and certify Chiefs in his Kingdom and not to Coronate a King of any sort as it is the responsibility of the Ado Royal House to select the Amayanabo of Okrika and the Egwemes install the Amayanabo.

He noted that Tam-George Dokube VII has been duly installed and certified as the Chief of Dokube Royal War Canoe House in Kirike Kingdom and not as Amayanabo of Okrika.

The highlight of the event was the presentation and cutting of the Victory Cake which symbolizes the Victory of Ogube and his Chiefs in a Judgement at the Port Harcourt High Court that declared the Okrika Divisional Council of Chiefs as an illegal Chiefs Body or Council in Okrika Local Government Area.

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Another remarkable event was the Oath taking by Tam- George Dokube VII, pledging to defend the unique Custom and Territorial boundaries of Kirike Kingdom and equally not betraying the Trust of King Ogube and the general interest of the people.

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