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Ogoni to 2023 election, 30 years after 1993 general election boycott

Kabari OP Agara, Akeeyor VII

Ogoni on the road to 2023 general election, 30 years after 1993 general election boycott. It pains to see Ogoni slide into oblivion, 30 years after our forbears crossed the threshold of fear and took their destiny into their hands.

However, they may not be coming back to repeat or guide us physically. So Ogonis of today must wake up from the dream of expecting the resurrection of Timothy Birabi, Ken-Saro Wiwa and 12 others as demonstrated in our recent inaction in the face of our collective danger.

The Ogonis of our time have willfully signed off for slavery. We wake up too late.

Our forefathers were ahead of their competitors and were revered for their courage and wisdom. That is why they were not taken as slaves by the Arochukwu raiders, during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

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My Great Grandfather King Teeh Gwara Lead all Ogonis to war against the British invaders in 1901, from Kono Waterside and beyond and his successors sustained the fight until 1912 when the first Colonial Court was Setup in Sogho.

The British Colonialists in their intelligence reports confessed that the “Ogoni people were the best set of people to work with, despite their notoriety.” This was our proud past.

How can we benefit from our past, in strategic terms? How well are we equipped and united to fight whatever is coming Whether SHELL hands over to NPDC or buys a proxy, what shall Ogoni loose with the Petroleum Industry Act and the Northernization of NNPC LTD?

Whether it is Tinubu, Atiku, or Obi Nigeria will have a new President. What are Our new demands as we enter into the 30th year of the Ogoni Revolution? Can we afford to boycott this election to commemorate 30 years after the Ken Saro Wiwa boycott of 1993?

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What should be our reasons? Neglect of the Ogoni Bill of Rights? Will the Lack of Internal cohesion amongst us permit it? I am just asking because the political marginalization may seemingly go beyond 2023. Yes, our PVC registration is suggesting so.

Our lack of focus towards the issues of the revival of MOSOP, which is well known flagship says so.

Our current state of security and cult clashes, fear quotient, and human development index and lack of patriotism says so.
Constant bickering and cowardice, teardown syndrome and cluelessness amongst our political actors says so. I believe there is wisdom in my grandfather’s rhetorical question “Mee naa akwa aba oor o ne a?” means (who will make yourself for you?)

Let’s work together to make Ogni rise again. Enough is enough! We must back showmanship with community commitment.

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Teeh Kabari OP-AGARA, Akeeyor VII, lamenting from Luutemville.

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