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Nigerian youths vow to take over from old Politicians

Some Youths in Rivers State say the era is gone when young Nigerians were being used to commit electoral offences such as thuggery, snatching of ballots boxes, violence and other forms of malpractices during elections.

Those who spoke to our correspondent in Port Harcourt say present day youths of Nigeria were not only prepared to participate in the political process but were also ready to leverage on the opportunity of the 2023 Elections to ensure that they made critical decisions via the ballot, to elect credible and visionary leaders who were capable of delivering democratic dividends across board.

Despite the existence of the Not-Too-Young-To-Run law which was enacted to encourage youths participation in Democracy and governance, Nigeria’s political space is still being largely dominated by the old crop of politicians whose refusal to quit the stage was making it difficult for young people to actively get involved in politics.

However, it appears things are about to change in the wake of what appears to be the sudden reawakening in political consciousness particularly among young people as evidenced in their desperation to register and obtain their permanent voters cards PVCs, which needed to make the necessary decisions that will enable them rewrite history and take back their country.

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The days and months ahead are certainly going to be interesting as Nigerians countdown to the next general elections in 2023.

For the young Nigerians, it is going to be a defining moment as they intend to take advantage of the voting opportunity to make a Statement and let the entire world know that they are no longer available to play the a second fiddle role or be used to undermine the legitimacy of Elections.

The youths are therefore urging the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC to rise up to occasion and protect the sanctity of the ballot by ensuring that votes counted in 2023 and beyond.

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