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Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic Bori celebrates students’ week 2022

The students of the Polytechnic Bori celebrating the Students week

The students of the Polytechnic Bori celebrating the Students week called “SUG WEEK 2022.” The students are dancing in different groups according to their different departments because this is their Departmental Day. It was learned that there are 24 different departments in the school.

Speaking in a live interview with the Executive President of the Students’ Union Government, Comrade Konwi Tamnyiegia Destiny, Npress PortHarcourt was made to understand that the Students Week is a week-long activities which had started on Wednesday 6th July, 2022 and would end on Sunday 10th with a thanksgiving.

Again, he mentioned that the “Students Week is a week which involves different activities such as “G-Carnival, Old-school Day, Rag Day, and Gala Day, that is a day kept for giving awards to students that are doing well, and also some philanthropists in the society that are doing great”.

He further stated that “the week is full of cultural and other related activities that will promote the students, help them to know about their culture and heritage, and to know that all works without play makes Jack a dull person. And also to know that school is both in character and in learning.”

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It was learned that Friday is the Departmental Day, Saturday will be the Cultural Day and Sunday will be the Thanksgiving Day when all the students from the different departments of the school will gather to give glory to God for the opportunities they all have to be students.

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