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Kemi Olunloyo


Kemi Olunloyo: Lagos-based blogger narrates ordeal with SARS in Port Harcourt

Self-proclaimed journalist Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her Facebook page to recount how she was abducted by men of Special Anti-Robery Squard in Port Harcourt.

Olunloyo in what she described as abduction said, the police officers abducted her from her residence for 12 hours, before taken to Rivers State Criminal Investigation Department for investigation over a social media post on Pst. David Ibiyeomie.

She wrote;

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“5 years ago today, March 14th 2017, I was arrested by 14 Nigerian police officers who surrounded my house about this very time. They said I wrote “something” about Pastor David Ibiyeomie and they wanted to question me at CID. They ended up abducting me 12hrs to Port Harcourt in what will be 3 arrests and 6 months detention in the largest maximum prison in Africa.

“A friend of actress Iyabo Ojo Toyin who at the time was beefing her wrote a FAKE 8 page letter stating she was a member of Salvation Ministries accusing Ibiyeomie of giving her a church vehicle as a gift. The letter was given to Gbeminiyi Adegbola, Iyabo’s PA who claimed she was paid to pass the letter to the Journalist who “calls out men of God” to call out Iyabo. I received the letter in my Instagram DM and decided to investigate it first as I don’t just call people out. I posted the first page only using non affirmative words used in journalism “allegedly, allegations” to get more witnesses on the claim. That is what a journalist should do and I was still arrested.

“The federal SARS IRT cops said they had no idea what those words meant in shielding a journalist from lawsuits. I ended up spending 6 months in Port Harcourt Maximum prison 3 separate times.

“Facebook legal department sent a letter to the Federal judge stating whatever they accuse me of writing was SENT TO ME and NOT WRITTEN BY ME and sent to myself as the prosecution claimed therefore it was coming as a news tip. The case was dismissed in federal court and Ibiyeomie’s lawyers withdrew it in magistrate court.

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“Robert the prison armed squad officer who lied to the court that I was using his phone internet to post to my fans to revolt when we were in the courtroom, the billionaire pastor who prosecuted the case for his spiritual father Kenebi Oloko and the attorney general of Rivers state Chinwe Aguma who said I was not a blogger, not a journalist but an evil woman who hated men of God are all now deceased. May their soul Rest In Peace.

“Today I worship at Salvation Ministries online since January 2018. I did a live testimony at the church cursing at the pulpit whoever sent me that news tip, God will deal with them mercilessly. Many Nigerians did NOT focus as some thought I went to beg their pastor at the pulpit. Watch the video again pls. I never admitted guilt and stood by this document was sent to me. The prosecution had no idea it was in fact 8 pages.

“Facebook legal department who owns Instagram tracked the Nigerian phone number of the sender that opened the fake account. It was Iyabo Ojo’s NGO number according to Sweden based Truecaller. That phone was carried by her estranged PA according to Vivian Metchie who told me the whole storyline was true but the pastor’s name was switched. It was Apostle Suleman and not Ibiyeomie. Three innocent people were defamed, ibiyeomie, Iyabo and a Journalist who lost her business and livelihood in 2017.

“The wickedness in the industry can’t be worse. I stay on my lane now. Toyin has since apologized profusely to me, I forgave her. I have not spoken to Ibiyeomie since I left Port Harcourt February 2018. Never asked for a penny, never gave me anything.”

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