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Ivana Trump’s death was injuries from accident

Ivana Trump's death has been ruled an accident.

Ivana Trump’s death has been ruled an accident and she died from injuries she sustained as a result of a fall, a medical examiner has ruled.

Ivana, 73, was found ‘unconscious and unresponsive’ at the bottom of the staircase in her Upper East Side townhouse on Thursday around 12.30pm. Her housekeeper found her as she arrived for work and called 911.

On Friday, a medical examiner determined that she died from blunt impact injuries as a result of a fall, according to TMZ. Earlier on Friday, Eric Trump praised his mother as an ‘extraordinary woman’ who could ski faster than ‘any man down a mountain and still look like a supermodel’.

Eric, 38, told Fox Digital on Friday that he was working in nearby Trump Tower on Thursday and was able to arrive at his mother’s apartment within minutes of being called.

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A visibly devastated Eric was pictured leaving his mother’s home on Thursday afternoon around 4.30pm alongside his wife, Lara, who called her death a ‘big loss’.

Lara told Fox News that Ivana was ‘an ‘incredible woman’ and that ‘New York City will never be the same without Ivana Trump.’ ‘Not only was she known throughout her neighborhood but she was known throughout the city, she was an incredible socialite,’ she said.

She continued by saying ‘obviously a tough day for all of us in the family yesterday,’ but ‘we’ll all get through this’ and said you should ‘come together as a family’ when faced with situations like this.

Lara then spoke about Ivana’s life and said she was only able to escape communist Czechoslovakia because she was a ‘world class skier.’

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This led her loving her life in America, and Lara said ‘no one that cherished this country more than she did, she truly appreciated America because she understood how lucky we were to be here.’

On meeting Donald Trump, who she’d eventually marry and have three kids with, Lara said they were ‘not only partners in life, but partners in business.’

Lara called Ivana an ‘incredible business woman,’ and said ‘she is credited with restoring glory to places like the Plaza Hotel’ and she ‘managed the casinos and hotels in Atlantic City.’

On her role in raising the family of three kids with Donald, Lara said ‘the title and role she cherished most was that of mom to my husband and brother-in-law and sister-in-law.’

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She also offered a look into her parenting style, saying she was a ‘tough love type of mom.’ She made sure her children had ‘great manners,’ and ‘took how she grew up in Czechoslovakia and instilled it in them and gave them the strength and resiliency they all have.’

‘They have a tough dad,’ Lara said about their father Donald. ‘That’s a part of it, but they also had a tough mom.’ Lara also said Ivana was a role model for women everywhere, saying ‘so many women up until her death looked at her as a pillar of strength.’

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