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Douglas Fabeke


Group accuses Khana chairman over trade centre building

The leader of the Ogoni Liberation Initiative has alleged that the chairman of Khana LGA, Thomas Bariere, frustrating the effort of the organization following the approval for an international trade centre to be sited in the area.

The group leader, Douglas Fabeke made this allegation yesterday on Facebook–to write how the chairman approved the building and later said stopped work, saying they were acting on the order from above.

He was quoted thus:

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“This is what am facing in Khanna Local Government council. This project was stopped before ,I spend some money and got the approval ,I don’t know what is the problem again. The issues about resisting this project I don’t understand .The temptation am facing under the Government of Khanna Local Government Council is becoming unbearable.

Am releasing this information to the public because I may be force to take action.

1) I was forced out of my office under the pretense that ,there was an order from above.

2) They have come again to stop the project after gotten the approval. This is not my personal project .This is an empowerment project for the Ogoni People. I don’t understand what is happening in Khana Local Government council. Is the Government against development?”.

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Although, the chairman is yet to react to this allegation and all efforts to reach him on the issue has not yielded result. But some of his media aides have responded to the post, saying the man was a scammer.

They claimed the man has been going around to defraud gullible members of the public, asking them to pay money so that their names will be added to those that are to be paid by UNEP.

They challenged him to approach the appropriate authority if he’s not afraid. One Mr. Lete Nwile reacted; “In Khana LGA individuals assumes to be superior over Government…

Prince Deeka is now on social media attracting public sympathy over a watery allegation just to paint the executive Chairman of Khana LGA in a bad light. The NGO parades the media with a document which the leadership of Khana LGA said it’s not authentic.

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If truly the NGO leadership is on the right track let them come forward to proof their points or better still approach the appropriate authorities. We are here to fix the amiss” .

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