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Effect of people living with disabilities a society

Statistics state that over 1billion people in the world are living with disabilities with Africa having a total number of over 600million cases

People living with disabilities could be said to be people with different kinds of impairment, affecting their effectiveness in daily activities which could also be permanent in most cases.

For example, vision and hearing impairment, mental and intellectual disability, spectrum disorder, autism, physical disability and so on.

They are said to be the most excluded group of people in the society with statistics stating that over 1billion people in the world are living with disabilities with Africa having a total number of 600million cases. It is also said that 15%of the world’s population are living with disabilities.

According to research, people living with disabilities tend to be vulnerable to secondary health conditions and even premature death in critical cases.

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In our society today, people living with disabilities are visually invisible, inaudible, forgotten and unrecognized which is mostly due to ignorance and lack of adequate information.

However, people living with disabilities seek for inclusion into the society, they don’t want to be seen as abnormal because of their condition but, wants to be seen and recognized based on their capabilities and also yearn to be treated equally with normal members of the society.

For example, we have the likes of Stella Young, a physically disabled disabilities advocate, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who became the 32nd president of the United States despite being physically disabled, these we have and more pushing to break the norms.

These people want to be remembered, thought about and considered in societal affairs and this can only be done when other social groups starts taking note of their concerns, needs and importance.

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