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Confidence Deko to be sworn-in as Gokana Local Government Chairman on Thursday

William Shakespeare in his play, Julius Caesar said ” There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken upon the flood, leads on to fortune, omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and misery. On such full sea we are now afloat.”

This is a metaphorical expression that in our everyday lives there are ebbs and flows. It behoves on us to see the opportunity(ies) and take them. If we lounge around, the power of the flow will move away from its Crest, and begin to ebb. Simply put; if one miss the opportunity, one may find himself/herself trapped in miserable and disappointing shallows…ends.

The Gokana Chairman elect, Confidence Deko, as he gears up in the wings, waiting to be sworn in as substantive chairman of council, knows that fate and opportunity have conspired in his favour at this time to make a difference in governance and change the traction and trajectory of Gokana politics and its peoples.

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Confidence cannot afford to fail, can he?

The Gokana people have willingly given him their mandate based on trust and believing that he Confidence will not only manage their commonwealth judiciously for the benefit of a greater majority, but will work assiduously to bring about peace, which unfortunately, has eluded the people for a large chunck of the last three years.

This in no way is to indict anyone; we do care about whose ox is gored. Those that were there have done their best, and we are grateful as a people. However, their best have not been good enough. It is time to move on to a new beginning.

To signpost facts that Confidence wants to succeed, as chairman elect, he set up a five-man transition committee chaired by Mr. Baribor Dee for the purpose of facilitating a seamless transfer of power from the incumbent chairman, Hon. Paul Vidag to himself.

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To help Dee achieve this task were the likes of Barr. Joe Gborogbosi, COMR. Mon Ledibabari, Dr. Moses Bakpo and Dr. Alwell Nteegah as members.

I will take the liberty of paraphrasing its terms of reference…’to ascertain the well being of the council, its assets and liabilities among others.’ The committee has since submitted its report which the chairman elect, when sworn in, has promised to implement their findings to the letter within the boundaries of available resources to the benefit of the greater majority of Gokana people.

Further rolling up his sleeves preparatory for the task ahead, as chairman elect, just the past week, he visited the warring communities of Lewe and Bomu during which he asked both communities to call a true.

Confidence underscored the fact that no development can take place in the midst of chaos. As a way of understanding what has gone amiss, he asked both sides to document their grievances, possible causes and probable solutions to the imbroglio. It was an eye opening session as both sides talked freely and candidly. More importantly, both sides say they are ready for peace to help the chairman make his reign a success.

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That fate and opportunity have conspired to make Confidence shine is not in doubt as he has the rare chance to bring to an end the age-long crisis between his community, Barako and Nwebiara who have being at war for far too long. With the good will Confidence enjoys across Gokana, ordinary folks yours truly spoke with about this matter express unreserved belief and confidence that Confidence can swing it. This will be a major breakthrough in his administration.

There are other issues of poverty, lack of opportunities in the LGA, skills training and acquisition and many other sundry matters Confidence has to deal with. There is no time to waste and he must get to work right away.

The theme of the quote “there came a time in the affairs of men…..” is relevant to our time, Confidence’s time as the man in charge.

Power is like a force that comes and goes, ebbs and flows and CONFIDENCE must as a matter of urgency go with the flow. On such SEA we are now afloat. If he lounges around, power will move away from its Crest, and begin to ebb. If CONFIDENCE misses this opportunity, he may find himself trapped in a miserable and disappointing end.

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The good thing is, the soon to be sworn in chairman enjoys a cult-like-followership of good men and women in Gokana. He is humble and has listening ears which will bode well for him as he takes over the reins of power in Gokana council.

Gokana “getready” A new dawn beckons as we all have a date with history with Confidence Nyima Deko as chairman.

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