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Governor Wike and others at the Inauguration of the Renal/Dialysis Centre and House Officers Quarters at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital


“Brain drain results from insecurity, death of requisite equipment in Nigeria” – Gov Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has identified the intractable insecurity situation in Nigeria as one reason why most professionals leave the shores of the Country in droves for greener pastures abroad.

Governor Wike spoke on the cause of brain drain at the inauguration of the Renal/Dialysis Centre and House Officers Quarters at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital in Port Harcourt on Wednesday.

The Governor maintained that the welfare of Doctors and other Professionals is not primarily the sole reason for the brain drain in the Country.

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He noted that because of the looming unemployment situation in the Country, most people now opt to go outside of Nigeria for the dream job they required.

Even when some of the Professionals are employed within Nigeria, Governor Wike insisted that such persons are not provided with the requisite equipment to use in their various organizations and industries.

“When you talk about brain drain, it is not only associated with the medical profession. So many people leave this Country because of unemployment.

So many people have left this Country because of insecurity. So many people have left this Country because where they work the equipment is not there.

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“It is not only just because of welfare, but that is also why you see brain drain, no. It is not correct. Even Professors in the University in the various faculties of law, and faculties of engineering most of them leave because the tools to work are not there.

“But you are lucky, you (RSUTH staff) have the tools here. So, clap for us first that we have provided the basic things.

Today, you’re lucky, you’re working in a Teaching Hospital where you can find the equipment, at least, to make your job easier for you. So, it is not as bad as where the equipment is not there.”

Governor Wike reiterated that it was out of a grateful heart that he thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for the release of 13% derivation fund arrears, from 1999 to date, which was never paid by the previous administration to States in Niger Delta.

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He wondered why saying thank you is an offence and a particular Governor feels offended over the thank you said to President Buhari over the release.

The said Governor, according to Governor Wike had gone on National Television to say that money spent to do a 3km road in his State would be used to construct more than 15 flyovers elsewhere.

“Simply because I said you people should thank President Muhammadu Buhari for releasing 13 per cent arrears to us. I did not abuse anybody.

Did I? All I said is please thank him, that if he did not release these arrears to me and some of our States, it may have been difficult for me to even talk about building a Renal Centre, Cancer and Cardiovascular centre, Basic and Clinical Sciences faculty, House officers quarters. I don’t think saying thank you is an offence.

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“On Television, I heard one of the Governors say in his State to do 3-kilometre road will do more than 15 flyovers. Rivers State, is it not Niger Delta State? Don’t we have riverine areas in Rivers State? Amayanabo of Opobo said since he was born, he has never driven by road to Opobo.

“The day he drive by road to Opobo, he said, God is it possible that in my own time I will not go through the river again, I am now driving by road to Opobo.

That is a major riverine area. By the grace of God this December (2022), we are going to commission the first phase of the Trans-Kalabari Road. That is a major riverine area.

Speaking further, the Governor said, “I didn’t know that people are sick about the flyovers I do. Okay, sorry. I don’t want you to be sick again. I won’t do it again.

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Instead of you appreciating and asking somebody how are you doing this, and justifying what you’re doing. “I have turned the State Capital around using a major construction firm like Julius Berger Nigeria PLC.

If you know you have the capacity if you know you have what it takes go and take Julius Berger and see whether you can pay salary.”

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